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Garis Masa Sejarah Kuala Langat..Cuba korang Check it out!

  1.  1807

    1807 - In 1807Kajang was founded after the Klang War. Because of its central location , it was made the district capital of Hulu Langat.
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  2.  1873
    Nov 1873 - In November 1873, a ship from Penang was attacked by pirates near Kuala LangatSelangor. A court was assembled near Jugra and suspected pirates were sentenced to death. The sultan expressed concern and requested assistance from Sir Andrew Clarke. Frank ... 
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  3.  1897
    Jan 28, 1897 - On the 28th January 1897 I witnessed (at Chodoi, in the Kuala Langat district of Selangor) the ceremony of fetching home the Rice-soul). Time of Ceremony.—I arrived at the house belonging to the Malay owner of the rice-field a little past 8 am, the hour at ...
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  4.  1926
    Mar 8, 1926 - Born in Bandar Kuala Langat on March 8, 1926 Sultan Salahuddin is the eighth Ruler of Selangor. The Sultan is blessed with 10 children from three marriages.
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  5.  1952
    Jul 1952 - In July 1952, British troops received information that a terrorist leader was located in the Kuala Langat swamp in Selangor, Malaysia (Malaya). Local police, guard units and British troops cordoned off the area, and search teams were sent into the swamp to ...
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