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Suasana Ketika Perasmian Jambatan Bellfield, Klang

The Federated Engineering Company won the contract to build the first road bridge across the river Klang, (see right) which was completed in 1908. George with James Craig was in charge of the construction. It had four spans with a total length of 560 feet and cost $143.633 when it was completed in September. "The spot where the opening ceremony was to take place was also lavishly decorated and surmounted by a red awning and the bright garments of the native spectators added to the picturesqueness of the scene. His Excellency the High Commissioner and party, which included Mr. Claud Severn, Private Secretary, Capt. Gay, A.D.C., Col. Nelson, Commanding R.G.A. Major Ford, Army Service Corps and Mr. T.H. Reid of the Straits Times, travelled up by the Seamew. They were met at Port Swettenham by the Resident-General, Sir William Taylor, K.C.M.G., Mr. H.C. Belfield, British Resident, Selangor, Mr. C.E. Spooner, C.M.G., and Mrs. Spooner, who had arrived there by special train. His Excellency was met at Klang station by Mr. J. Scott Mason, D.O., Klang, and Mr. G.D. Russell, and the party proceeded by motor to the bridge. Here a guard of Honour of 50 police was stationed under Mr. W.W. Douglas and a large crowd had assembled, including a detachment of 200 Klang schoolboys. A feature was the large number of Malay ladies present decked out in brilliant attire. His Excellency was met at the bridge by His Highness the Sultan of Selangor, C.M.G. who had previously arrived by motor, and others present were Mr. M.S.H. McArthur, Acting Federal Secretary, Mr. J. Trump, Director of Public Works, F.M.S., Mr. E.R. Stokoe, State Engineer, Selangor, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mason, Mr. R.W. Harrison, Mr. H.M. Darby, Dr and Mrs. Gerrard, Mr. and Mrs. L.U. Stafford, Mr. and Mrs. W. Towgood, Mr. J. Gibson, Mr. A. Irving, Mr. E.F. Townley, Mr. C.T. Hamerton and Miss Hamerton, Mr. W.R.G. Hickey, Mr. F.O. Sander, Mr. Sydney Smith, Capt. Douglas of the Waterwitch and many others". The bridge was probably demolished during the war by the retreating British.For more on the bridge click here.
George was responsible for the design and construction of many bridges, roads and other works. He also designed the first rubber machinery.

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